Welcome from the Lewis Family

alan_familyDear Friends,

We feel fortunate that we have had the opportunity to travel the world. Our travels have helped us see that all humans are connected to each other by a common dream for our children to be healthy, safe, and happy. Our travels have also shown us some of the world’s most special places. We have stood in the sands of the oldest desert in the world in Namibia. We have trekked through the teeming rain forests of Costa Rica. We have floated in the ancient brine of the Dead Sea, and we have walked endless miles through the New Hampshire woods.

In each of these experiences, and countless others, we have been moved by the spirituality, beauty, and fragility of Earth’s ecosystems. We have returned from our travels understanding that we are not just citizens of the world, but also stewards of the planet.

As much as we love to travel, we also love to come home. The family’s hometown of Kensington, New Hampshire is a sacred place to us. Alan’s roots run deep and long in this small town. His ancestors first settled here in the 18th century, and this is where we most often gather as a family today to reflect and play, to take walks and spend time outdoors, to celebrate our blessings and comfort each other in our storms. It is where we gather in gratitude each Thanksgiving and share our home with our friends and neighbors.

It can be a kind of spiritual experience to walk upon the same ground as your ancestors, to rest beneath a tree your great grandfather planted, to seek shelter under the same roof, and to sow seeds in the same garden. We feel protective of our heritage and land, and we are honored to care for it until we pass it along to next generations of our family. We often wonder who will enjoy the shade of the trees we plant this year.

Our homestead in Kensington stands at the heart of our conservation and sustainability efforts, and it is where we base that work. It is a very special place to us. Because it is so special, and because the beauty and magic of the place speak so powerfully to the importance of protecting the environment, we will open the property to invited guests for the first time in 250 years, when we formally dedicate Alnoba, our new gathering place.

Alnoba’s main lodge is a unique structure uniting the beauty and strength of traditional New England timber-framed barns with the latest in green building technology; our goal is for the building to be energy neutral. Surrounded by open fields, walking trails, farmland, and wetlands, Alnoba will offer guests a peaceful set- ting for exploration, learning, reflection, and inspiration.

Through Alnoba we will help develop strong leaders; continue our work on the conservation and sustainability fronts; provide a robust series of programs to promote health and wellness, and offer a natural canvas to bring together the art of man with the natural art of the landscape.

In our businesses, we have always believed that we are in the business to help change people’s lives. Now, we also know we are here to help save the earth we share. Through our giving, our partnerships and at Alnoba, we hope to help build a community of dreamers and doers, people who will teach, inspire, challenge, and coach us. We hope to carry forward the work of saving this planet, and we hope you will join us.

In beauty, love, and peace,

Alan, Harriet, Edward and Charlotte