We believe the earth matters.

We believe spending time in nature restores us, awakens us, challenges us and, most emphatically, enlarges us. This conviction has instilled in us a deep commitment to conserving our earth and all its beauty not only for ourselves but also for generations to come, and it has long inspired our giving.

We respect much of the wisdom and traditions of indigenous people. They teach us to become more balanced in our won lives, in our community, and in our world. They hold a deep respect for the earth and feel a natural obligation to pass along to the next generation the same beauty, plenty, and cleanliness they received.

Our mission

To save the earth we share by fighting climate change, supporting and modeling sustainability and working to hold our leaders accountable for protecting our natural resources.

We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Forging strategic alliances with strong environmental leaders. In partnership we will help fund, as well as engage and mobilize citizens through legal, political and grass root efforts to support the underdog in conservation fights.
  • Serving as an example/model of conservation and sustainability practices in our offices and operations;
  • Setting baseline standards for water, food and energy for schools we support around the world through the Grand Circle Foundation
  • Making grants to strategic partner organizations across the world whose work demonstrates leadership in effecting change to protect vital local resources while also serving as models for inspiring others across an to become agents of change in an interconnected world.
  • Teaching stewardship to the next generation through programs at Alnoba;
  • Creating a community of our associates, travelers, friends and neighbors to support the fights
  • Opening our property in Kensington, NH to invited guests to share the beauty of the natural landscape; spend time outdoors in reflection and dedication to preserving resources for next generation

Our core beliefs

Over the years we have developed a set of core tenets that help guide all our work. They are particularly important in our work in conservation, preservation, and sustainability because they remind us that for all its beauty and power, the Earth is fragile and urgently needs our care.

Be Mindful.

Native Americans have long held that in every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation, “even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of the pine.” We firmly believe that we must appreciate what we have been given, live sustainably, and deeply consider any action on nature in terms of 140 years and beyond.

Be Urgent.

Here is just one example of why we must act now. Each year New Hampshire alone loses nearly 13,000 acres of forests, about half the land area of an average size town. A researcher at the state’s university predicts that if aver- age temperatures rise another 6oF, then New England will no longer have any sugar maples at all. Imagine New England without the brilliant foliage of fall and the sweet drip of maple sap at the end of winter. Under even the EPA’s own climate-change scenarios, that could hap- pen before the turn of the next century. For us, that is in our grandchildren’s lifetimes.

Be an Example.

Saving the earth can sometimes seem like pie- in-the-sky idealism. Some people say it just can’t be done. They say there are too many people, too much corporate greed, the dam- age is already done–that it is just too difficult a task all around. We cannot let these naysayers control the conversation. When words aren’t getting through, we must model sustainability and conservation through our own actions. It isn’t difficult. Just turn out some lights. Help save a park. Buy local. Go solar. When people see our good example, their thoughts and actions may follow.

Be a Teacher.

Young people are always inspired to learn from those who challenge the established order. Be that revolutionary teacher and you will have a ready audience. One of our very best investments is to teach young people to love the land, honor their heritage, and be leaders in advocacy for the Earth. The future of the planet depends on them; indeed, the torch has already been passed.

Be in the Fight.

We know these are David-and-Goliath fights, and the terrible giants can be huge, for-pro t corporations with seemingly endless resources. But remember, David volunteered to fight Goliath and he won because he was clever and his cause was just. We will do all we can to enlist citizens and voters to hold our leaders accountable for protecting our natural re- sources. We invite you pick up your slings and stones and join us.