David Conover, Conservation Media Group

By February 16, 2016 March 1st, 2016 Partners

According to its founder, David Conover, Conservation Media Group (CMG) began at the intersection of need and innovation.

Conover is an award winning documentary filmmaker based at Compass Light Productions in Camden, Maine with a long string of credits including major productions for WGBH’s Nova series, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

In recent years, Conover has wanted to broaden his efforts to help a new generation of filmmakers create and distribute videos focused on important conservation topics, especially focused on our urgent ocean and energy challenges.

Too often important documentary film productions fail to find an audience. But CMG’s strategy is to put tools and resources into a corps of people who partner with conservation organizations with audiences that can help distribute the video messages through social media. With start up support from the Lewis Family Conservation Foundation, this strategy is already producing measurable, powerful and action-oriented results.

Media Group began at the crossroads of need and innovation. Conservation organizations know that public opinion is a strong force in effectively making positive changes for the environment. What better way to move the public to action than through videos that engage through emotion?

CMG puts tools and resources into the hands of a corps of people producing and distributing film that has a positive effect on urgent ocean and energy challenges. Through workshops, residencies, grants and placement of fellows with partner conservation organizations, we help create a new level of mastery in capturing, conveying and advancing urgent conservation goals through videos that have real, measurable impact.